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Our Services

We can assist you with notarizing documents from a variety of industries. Below are some of the most common documents that we assist with.

*There are documents not listed that we can assist with, please contact us for assistance at 737-231-1794*

Personal Planning

Power of Attorney Documents


Directive to Physicians

HIIPA Authorization


Trust Documents

Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements

Passport Related

Foreign Passport Renewals

Statement of Consent: Absent Parent

Certified Copy of Passport

Vehicle Sale/ Transfer

Bill of Sale

Vehicle Gift Transfer

Real Estate

Closing Documents




Affidavit of Heirship

Lien Waivers

Permit Application

Court Documents


Civil Litigation

Criminal Case Documentation


401K Documents

IRA Documents

Stock Documents

Apostille Services

We can assist with helping you obtain a Apostille Certificate for your notarized document.

Office Related

Commercial Lease Documents

Commercial Contracts

HR Related Documents

I-9 Verification for Employment

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